Evaluation Kit Number 零件号 描述
KTB1100EYAA-MMEV01 KTB1100 15W Flyback Regulator with Digital Isolator Integrated Feedback
KTB8331DEDAA-MMEV02 KTB8331 3A, 2.4MHZ, Low-Voltage, I2C Programmable Buck Regulator
KTC2110ECAA-MMEV01 KTC2110 3.0MHz High Efficiency Low IQ Synchronous Boost
KTD2026EWE-MMEV01 KTD2026 Constant Current RGB LED Driver with I2C Control
KTD2027EWE-MMEV01 KTD2027 Constant Current RGB/White LED Driver with I2C Control
KTD2052AEVAA-MMEV01 KTD2052 12-Channel RGB LED Drivers with I2C Control
KTD2061EUAC-MMEV02 KTD2061 36-Channel RGB LED Drivers with I2C Control
KTD2690ERAA-MMEV01 KTD2690 Single Flash LED Driver with Programmable 1.5A Current Source
KTS1601EUM-1-MMEV01 KTS1601, KTS1601-1 2A Slew-Rate Controlled Load Switch with Reverse Blocking
KTS1640EDV-MMEV01 KTS1640, KTS1641 OVP Switch with Single Input, Dual Output Switches with 200V Surge Protection
KTS1677AEVH-MMEV01 KTS1677A 5ARMS VBUS Current-Sink Protection Load Switch
KTS1688EUH-MMEV01 KTS1688 Low Resistance Load Switch with Current Limit Control and Over-Voltage Reverse Blocking Protection
KTS1690AEGAA-MMEV01 KTS1690A USB VBUS ISOURCE Load Switch with Current Limit Control
KTS1693EVB-MMEV01 KTS1693 Surge Protected Load Switch with OVP and OCP
KTS1697AEOAB-MMEV01 KTS1697A 7ARMS VBUS Current-Sink Protection Load Switch
KTS1698AEDAB-MMEV01 KTS1698 5ARMS VBUS Current-Sink Protection Load Switch
KTU1108EFAA-MMEV01 KTU1108 USB Type-C Protector for CC Pins
KTU1121AEUAJ-MMEV01 KTU1121A USB Type-C Port Protector for CC and SBU Pins
RD1-4020 STDP4020 DisplayPort to DVI
RD1-4028 STDP4028 DVI to Display Port
RD1-4320 STDP4320 DisplayPort 1.2a Splitter
RD1-5200 MCDP5200 USB Type C (cable+) DP Alt Mode to HDMI2.0 & USB Type-A
RD2-2900 MCDP2900 DisplayPort 1.4a to HDMI 2.0b
RD2-4020 STDP4020 DisplayPort to Quad LVDS
RD2-4028 STDP4028 LVDS to DisplayPort
RD3-2650 STDP2650 DisplayPort1.2 to HDMI 1.4 Converter
RD3-2800 MCDP2800 DisplayPort 1.2a to HDMI 2.0a Converter
RD4-2600 STDP2600 HDMI to DisplayPort
RD4-5000 KTM5000 USB Type-C / DisplayPort1.4 MST Hub
RD4-6000 MCDP6000 USB Type-C DP Alt-mode Switching Retimer
RD5-2690 STDP2690 DisplayPort to Dual mode TX
RD5-4320 STDP4320 DisplayPort to HDMI Splitter